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Those that enjoy origami will also find cool kirigami projects to enjoy. Kirigami is very similar to origami with one main difference. With kirigami, you can cut the paper. It is often referred to as the art of paper cutting, whereas origami is the art of paper folding. Like origami, those creating kirigami do not use glue or other adhesives to create these intricate designs.

Cool Kirigami Projects

One of the most common ways people learn how to do kirigami is in childhood, when they learn how to cut paper snowflakes by first folding the paper and then making small cuts along the creases. This creates the intricate cutouts within the snowflake. There are many other things to create using kirigami besides the snowflake. Cool kirigami projects can be free form, such as those created just using your imagination, or through instructions that are more complex.

To help individuals to learn how to create kirigami, many outlets provide patterns that are available for purchase. By using the patterns, it is easy to create fantastic kirigami designs and patterns. To see what can be created using these patterns, be sure to visit The website offers patterns for a large variety of kirigami patterns including pandas, triceratops, butterflies, lilies and fun finger key puppets. These can serve as inspiration for those who wish to create their own cool kirigami projects.

Kirigami is a good tool for young children who are just learning to cut with scissors, if the right project is selected. provides several, easy patterns for downloading that are ideal for smaller children. The website includes kirigami patterns for a bunny, camel, cat, and frog.

Other Kirigami Resources and Projects

It is not always necessary to use a pattern to create cook kirigami. In fact, many projects can be done with nothing more than a sheet of paper and a pair of scissors. Consider the following projects which can be done without the use of a pattern.

  • Paper Snowflake: No two snowflakes are the same, even in kirigami. Origami Resource Center offers a step-by-step process for creating paper snowflakes in several designs.
  • Paper Flowers: Many flowers can be created using the fold and cut methods of kirigami. This video shows how very lifelike flowers are created.
  • Paper Dolls: Kirigami paper dolls are a great project for kids. Origami Resource Center offers instructions for a chain of paper dolls.

You can find cool kirigami architecture at Virtual Gallery of Origamic Architecture. Intricately cut doorways, steps, pyramids and even a circle in sphere are able to be seen there. Each of these kirigami designs is a very complex creation. They are not something meant for the beginner. In fact, some compare architectural kirigami to being the "extreme sport" of kirigami.

Yet another example of a creative and complex collection of cool kirigami can be found at Aiai Paperflicker's Flickr page. There, photos of an intricately cut, original butterfly can be found. Also, the paper crafter provides step by step instructions for making a pop up card.

Trying Out Kirigami

It does not take a lot of work to create your own kirigami designs. Here are some tips to help you to create interesting and cook Kirigami designs.

Snowflakes Are Kirigami
  • Test out patterns found online that can be downloaded. This is the easiest method to creating kirigami for beginners.
  • Use an Exacto knife to cut the intricate cuts required for kirigami. Precision will help ensure the project is successful.
  • Symmetry is an important part of kirigami. To change the symmetry, fold the paper differently. For four-fold symmetry, fold in half and in half again. For six-fold symmetry, fold in half, then into thirds.
  • Try to create many small cuts rather than making just a few larger cuts. This enhances the look and creates a more intricate pattern.
  • Make deep cuts towards the other side of the paper for a better look and fold.

It only takes a piece paper and a pair of scissors to try out any of the kirigami patterns found here. It can take a bit of practice to get the look just right, but, like origami, the finished product is well worth the work.

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