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Origami throwing stars

Start a collection of origami weapons that feature traditional Japanese weapons and modern armaments.

Traditional Japanese Weaponry

Although many origami figures are folded to promote goodwill or prosperity, like the crane, not all of them are peaceful projects suitable for kids. Making traditional Japanese weaponry is often a part of learning the art of origami. Commonly used weapons in Japanese history include swords and throwing stars.

Throwing stars in particular can be made using several methods of origami, often incorporating several papers into one larger piece. Complete a historical origami weapon collection by folding helmets and shields, historically worn for protection from the weapons themselves.

Modern Origami Weapons

While the throwing star is still a favorite origami weapon, modern arms have grown in popularity. Origami pistols and life-size rifles are now standard choices for people who want to create weapons out of folded paper. The pocketknife, in flip form and Swiss army form, is also a common design for origami weaponry.

Fighter jets, tanks and other heavy artillery units used in large-scale warfare can also be made into origami figures using some simple and complex origami techniques.

Weapon Making Tips

People who want to learn how to make paper weapons with origami should start with basic folds and bases, then move on to making the weapons themselves. Keep these tips in mind when making origami weapons:

  • Choose origami paper in black, gunmetal gray or brown for a realistic look.
  • Make sure the creases are sharp and the edges are perfectly aligned.
  • It may be easier to make a modular origami weapon, rather than trying to fold a poster sized sheet of paper if you want a life-sized weapon.
  • Keep weapons out of reach of small children. Even though they are made from paper, they still have pointed edges and can potentially hurt someone.

Traditional and modern weapons offer people who enjoy origami a vast array of choices when it comes to creating a battery of origami weapons. If there is a particular piece you want that is not diagrammed online or in a book, try creating your own figure.

Origami Weapons