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Step 4 in Origami Box Instructions
origami folding instructions

Origami slideshows are excellent resources for people who are attempting to learn the proper way to fold paper into figures. From examples of origami animals and birds to step-by-step origami folding instructions, slideshows not only give you ideas, they provide visual aids for those ideas, too.

Origami Slideshow Tools

Slideshows are really a tool for learning more about the art of origami. Breaking down the folded figures into each step makes it easier for novices to discern folds and troubleshoot problems. Get started by making some bases by following these slideshows:

Figure folding slideshows are always helpful for people who are unfamiliar with terminology or have trouble with written instructions. Create an origami fortune teller, build the perfect paper airplane and even make an origami knife.

Fold origami using a number of mediums and materials besides special origami papers. Follow these instructional slideshows in order to learn how to make:

Supply Slideshows

In addition to showing you ideas for projects or giving you instructions on how to make things like heart bookmarks, you will find resources for supplies and books in slideshows. Consider picking up products from Amazon.com like the ones seen in these slideshows:

Pick up some new folding techniques or ideas for your next project by viewing some origami slideshows. Slideshows will show you everything from how to make a traditional origami hen to cat origami that kids can make, too.

Origami Slideshows