Origami Gifts and Decorations

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Boy holding three hand made origami cranes

Use origami gifts and decorations when you want a homemade touch to purchased presents and a simple solution for unique home decorations. Origami takes skill and makes for an impressive presentation.

Origami Gifts

Origami figures have been a part of Japanese gift giving for centuries. Historically, Japanese people have given gifts with noshi, a strip of white paper folded around meat called abalone, to signify good wishes or good fortune. Today, people often use origami envelopes for anything from mailing a simple letter to creating custom handmade wedding invitations.

Cash Gift Ideas

Giving and receiving cash presents have never been very personal for the giver or recipient. However, a gift giver can dress up a monetary gift by creating money origami heart shapes or origami money flowers. Kids of all ages will enjoy unwrapping a box to find money origami inside. Whether you do a lot of one dollar bill origami figures or make just one figure out of a larger bill, delighted recipients will appreciate both the money itself and the creative way you presented it.

More Gift Options

Other ways to use origami gifts and decorations include:

  • Giving a small child instructions to origami toys they can make themselves
  • Using an origami box to give jewelry
  • Folding towel origami figures for a newlywed couple that registered for linens
  • Some origami enthusiasts use discarded figures in place of packing materials when they ship gifts to loved ones far away.

Holiday Origami Decorations

Folding origami decorations for use as holiday decorations ensures you have the most unique decorations - and some of the most beautiful. Origami Christmas stars, origami ornaments, and an origami Christmas tree will make your Christmas decorations stand out. Valentine's Day will be even more special with heart origami decorations. Origami balloons make excellent decorations for any holiday.

Display Origami Gifts and Decorations

Decorating with origami figures is economical and eye catching. Use holiday figures, such as Christmas trees or hearts, for quick and easy seasonal décor changes. Add regular decorative items to your basic everyday decor, too. Add an origami flower bouquet to a vase or fold a paper bowl to set on an end table.

Show Off Your Skill

Display the more intricate origami figures in a bookcase, on a mantel or hanging from a mobile. Paper of any color or design allows you to match your favorite hobby with your personal interior design style. Making origami gifts and decorations are the perfect way to put paper folding skills to good use.

Origami Gifts and Decorations