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Origami, the Japanese art of paper folding, has been around for centuries. Unfortunately, no single person is credited with inventing the concept itself. Multiple masters of the craft have shaped its development… Keep reading »

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Woman with geometric origami figure.

Learning the basics about origami is a good way to introduce yourself to the art of paperfolding. Once you have learned the basics, move on to more advanced skills and techniques.

Origami Origins

While the exact person who invented origami may not be known, it is possible to trace the origins of origami back centuries to ancient China, where paper was invented, and Japan, where the art form became popular. In fact, the word origami itself is Japanese, "ori" meaning to fold and "gami" meaning paper.

Despite the somewhat vague origins of origami, the craft has continued to intrigue people around the world for centuries. Today, people around the world learn about origami as they make their own figures from squares of paper, money or fabric.

Information About Origami

Origami can be as simple as making a paper airplane or as complicated as orinuno, the sewing of origami figures into clothing. Beginners should educate themselves on basic simple origami concepts, such as:

  • Origami Folds: Books, diagrams and step-by-step instructions often use terms like "valley fold" or "reverse fold" to refer to a particular style of fold. Familiarize yourself with these folds before you attempt making figures.
  • Origami Bases: Many figures begin with a particular base. Bases are a series of folds that result in the same figure each time. Subsequent folds will create figures that are more complex. The kite, waterbomb, preliminary, frog and bird base are commonly used bases in origami.
  • Origami Figures: After becoming skilled at the basic folds and bases, you can begin to make various origami figures. From how to make an origami wolf to making an origami pistol or money origami heart, you can choose to fold numerous animals, weapons and decorative gifts using the basic techniques.

Advanced origami enthusiasts may consider making modular origami figures, which incorporate several pieces of origami papers into one larger shape. Making unique, original diagrams and designs is another goal for people who have mastered the basic origami skills.

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