Bunny Folded Towel Instructions

How to Fold a Bunny Towel


Creating a cute bunny folded from towels is simple, even for those without origami folding skills. A bunny towel animal makes the perfect baby shower gift for a new mom or clever addition to a child's Easter basket. Towel origami animals can also be used to welcome guests to your home.

This origami towel bunny, which you will learn how to make, is the same design that is used on Carnival Cruise ships.

Step 1 - Roll the Large Towel


To create a rabbit, start with a large bath towel and a small hand towel, preferably in similar colors. Hotels and cruise ships typically use white towels for their towel origami creations, but you can use whatever you have on hand. Tan, cream, or light pink towels would be quite attractive for use with this design.

Lay the bath towel flat. Starting with one of the narrower ends of the towel, roll the towel to the center. Then, roll the other side to the center in the same fashion.

Step 2 - Fold in Half


Fold the two rolls in half so that the top half comes down over the bottom half and they meet evenly at the bottom. Each of the ends of the rolls should be facing you and the back sides of the rolls should be facing each other. You should have four rolls in all.

Step 3 - Create the Legs


Find the corners of the bath towel in the center of the rolls. In one hand, place the same two ends from the same roll. In the other hand, place the other two corners, which should be from the same roll, too.

Pull these four corners gently in opposite directions to create the front and back legs of the rabbit. The front legs should be together facing one direction, while the back legs are facing the opposite direction. This creates a shape that looks a little like a Thanksgiving turkey.

Step 4 - Complete the Body


Tuck the long ends of the shape underneath the towel. This completes the body of your towel origami bunny.

Step 5 - Start the Head and Ears


You will need to use a hand towel to create the head and ears of the animal. Fold it in half, then fold it over again.

Step 6 - Form a Triangle


Bring the two corners down to the center to form a triangle.

Step 7 - Finish the Head and Pull Up Ears


Tuck the pointed edges in, then roll each end of the towel over itself such as you might do with a sock. This creates the head of the rabbit. Push in the ears to allow them to be a bit more narrow. If needed, secure the folds with a pin or rubber band.

Step 8 - Putting the Bunny Together


To complete the design, carefully pick up the head and place it on top of the body of the rabbit. Add safety pins to secure the two parts, if you plan on moving your towel bunny and want to make sure he doesn't come apart right away.

You can also add props to enhance the look of your creation. Wiggle eyes or large buttons help give your bunny a happy facial expression. Adding sunglasses to your bunny and using a pink tipped safety pin to give him a nose is another option.

Towel origami can be fun to play around with. Try some other towel animals, including a swan and a cat, for your next folding projects.

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Bunny Folded Towel Instructions