Best Origami Models for Foil Paper

Use foil to make paper boxes.
Use foil to make paper boxes.

Figuring out what the best origami models for foil paper are isn't too hard once you understand some basics about folding with foil papers.

Foil Paper Properties

Foil paper is just one of many types of origami papers available for making models and figures. Like duo-sided papers, washi paper and dollar bills, foil paper has its own unique characteristics that lend itself to making particular figures.

When working with foil paper, you might notice the following:

  • Foil paper creases very easily. In fact, it creases so easily, you often cannot flatten out even a small wrinkle. Line up your paper edges and crease carefully, or else your entire project might be marred.
  • Complicated models with numerous folds and/or layers are usually easier to make with foil paper, because it is often thinner than regular origami paper. Creating credit card sized origami figures is easier with foil paper, due to their small size and the paper's thinness.
  • Foil paper is usually white on one side and silver or gold foil on the other. Other foil colors are available, but they may need to be purchased in a separate packet of paper that is specifically foil. Duo-sided papers are also available, but might be more expensive or harder to find.

While you can make origami creations out of aluminum foil papers you find in your local discount store, you should note it is not the same as specialty origami foil papers. While origami foil paper is thin, the rolled aluminum foils might be even thinner and thus more prone to ripping or tearing. Practice your folding skills with thicker paper before moving onto thinner foil papers.

Best Origami Models for Foil Paper Examples

Some of the best origami models for foil paper are origami weapons. Silver foil creates a realistic look to origami pistols and origami swords. However, you can make plenty of other models using foil paper with successful results. Try making:

Snowflakes in silver
  • Folded paper ornaments for holidays, using orange foils for Halloween and Thanksgiving or red for Valentine's Day
  • Animals, like origami dragons, using foil colors in the same color family as the animal in real life
  • Origami Christmas stars out of silver, gold, red or green foil
  • Snowflakes, using foil with added metallic flecks or sparkle
  • Paper airplanes with silver foil for a realistic look to a military design
  • Accents, such as small figures or geometric folded shapes, to go on origami note cards
  • Modular origami figures, using all foil papers or alternating foil with other papers for a unique effect
  • Origami pinwheels for kids to enjoy in multi-colored foil

Following Kirigami instructions with foil paper may not be as easy to do as regular origami models. Kirigami involves cutting the paper. Because foil paper is thin, it may continue to tear beyond your final cut. This makes a project difficult to complete. However, with some practice, you may be able to find a few Kirigami patterns to use with your foil paper.

Make Foil Backed Tissue Paper

Tissue paper is another thin paper used for folding into objects, like simple flowers. However, if you make your own foil backed tissue paper, you will have the color and look of tissue paper, with added sturdiness of the foil that creases easily. offers a page that explains how to make foil backed paper in a few short steps. Several photographs illustrate the simple instructions. Find Sara Adam's Making Tissue Foil video on YouTube. In it, she demonstrates how to make foil origami paper in just a little over 15 minutes.

The best origami models for foil paper are ones that are complex, small or will look even more realistic with foil papers. Practice folding with foil paper to get a handle on working with this unique material.

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Best Origami Models for Foil Paper