Money Origami Rose

origami money rose

If you're looking for a romantic folded paper gift or a special way to show you care, consider making an origami rose out of paper money. These roses can be made with any denomination of bills, so they can be used as a gift on their own or as an embellishment for a larger present.

Origami Rose Instructions

Here is a simple way to make a fun rose with a couple of dollar bills. You can use just one bill, however the second one gives the rose more personality and depth.


  • Two dollar bills ( the second one is optional)
  • Piece of crafting wire for the stem (optional)


  1. Place one dollar bill flat out in front of you.
  2. Fold the top left corner down to the bottom edge then fold the bottom left corner up to the top edge.
  3. Fold the little flap on the right side of the paper over.
  4. Unfold all the previous folds. Fold the little flap back over then fold the entire left side on top of it. This gives you a square to work from.
  5. Fold the square in half diagonally in both directions and squarely in both directions. Fold it down into a small square taking up one fourth of the larger one. If you are familiar with origami terms this is known as the square base fold.
  6. Fold the top little flaps on the sides of the small square into the center. Flip the paper over and repeat on the other side.
  7. Fold the bottom parts of the previous fold into the center as well. Repeat on both sides for a total of 4 folds.
  8. Fold the top flap down to make a pedal. Repeat on the other side. Open the model out slightly and repeat on the the other two sides.
  9. Roll the petals outwards by wrapping them around a toothpick to give them more of a rounded appearance.

Adding the Second Bill

  • Repeat all of the previous steps with a second bill. Place the second rose inside the first.
  • This will give your rose a more realistic look and more petals.

Don't Forget the Stem

To embellish your dollar origami rose don't forget to add a stem. Bend the end of a small piece of wire into a small hook. Push the unbent end through the top center of the rose and out the bottom. If you used two bills this will help hold them together. If you do not have any wire on hand, you can always straighten a paperclip and use it instead. You can then wrap green florist's tape around the wire stem to give it a more realistic appearance.

Alternatively, you can remove the plastic and wire stem from a fabric rose pick and insert it the same way you would the wire. This will give the rose some extra greenery around the base of the flower and some leaves on the stem itself.

Tips for Success

Keep the following tips in mind to make your rose turn out perfectly:

  • Choose a piece of paper money that is clean and crisp. As money ages it's harder to get it to hold its shape. If you want really crisp money, ask for new dollar bills from the bank.
  • If you want a specific side of the bill to show on the outside of your rosebud, place that side face down as you begin the project.
  • Use a toothpick to give your rolled edges a little more form. If you find that rolling around the toothpick is too hard, try something larger like a pen or pencil.
  • Wash your hands and work surface before you begin. You'll have to handle the paper a lot to create the rose, so you want everything to stay clean.

Giving Your Rose as a Gift

In Japan, people often give gifts of money in the form of folded paper objects. This tradition makes cash gifts a little more personal, and it also provides the opportunity to express a sentiment through the symbolism of the paper shape. In any culture, a rose is a powerful symbol representing love, compassion, and remembrance.

Money Origami Rose